update, new work

pods detail 2013

iris pod with copper mesh light

Spring, Melanie Thompson. 2013

dyed reed + willow sticks, hairy top, light

sculptural 2013

dyed reed light

sculptural detail I (3) 2013

detail of sculptural light

pods 2013

iris pods + copper mesh light

buttons + curls 2013

curly sticks + buttons from my mum’s collection

These photos are of lights that I made for a very successful show at the Zack Gallery in Vancouver, Feb.-Mar. 2013. I made 14 pieces for the show but didn’t get photos of all, as per my usual way.

I exhibited with Carolyn  Kramer a mixed media painter. Our work complimented each others’ well.

Spring was chosen for the exhibit, Invested, Craft Council of BC, 4oth anniversary.

These iris pods were taken from a few gardens. As I ride my bike I collect plants I can use, my clippers are always in my bike basket.

This light proved to be very popular at the show as did the iris pod light and I made more for commissions.

Botanicals was shown at the Seymour Art Gallery in Deep Cove and sold there. It was also chosen for a regional exhibit at the Shadbolt Centre, April 15-30. I made a new one for this exhibit.

Sculptural II, Melanie Thompson, 2012

sculptural II, dyed reed

lark photos extra shots email size 002

detail, sculptural II

Botanicals, Melanie Thompson, 2012


Highlights, Melanie Thompson, 2012

highligts, coloured copper

Sculptural I, Melanie Thompson, 2012

dyed reed, sculptural light


About melaniethompsonsaltspring

A free spirit that loves working with natural materials to create beautiful art.
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2 Responses to update, new work

  1. louciao says:

    Well you certainly have the perfect excuse for having neglected the blog! Simply gorgeous work!!!

  2. basketwoman says:

    Oh my goodness but these are stunning and very inspiring!!

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