This is ongoing work for the homemaker installation, currently titled ‘Mrs. Williams, Homage to a Homemaker, In Praise of Women’s Work.

This apron is made from cook book pages stitched together and sewn into an apron. Judith, my collaborator, made this apron. I loved her addition of lace, embroidery, and the cereal photo pocket.

cook book pages apron

cook book pages apron

I tea stained the canvas and then wrote recipes all over it and Judith cut and sewed the dress.

everyday house dress

everyday house dress

This mixing bowl set was made of layers of handmade paper and collaged with recipes. I made some wire utensils and a measuring cup to go in each bowl.

mixing bowls

mixing bowls

Another apron in the series. For this one we glued pattern paper onto a paper backing and covered the whole with tea stained cheese cloth. Once again Judith stitched it up and added lace, buttons, and embroidered pockets.

pattern paper apron

pattern paper apron

This is my favourite. We cut black plastic garden netting, which I have had for years, into the house dress pattern and Judith, bless her heart, had the joy of stitching it together. She added a lovely red fringe given to her by Mrs. Williams. It doesn’t look so much like the 50s house dresses but I love the look.

ready for dinner house dress

ready for dinner house dress

an old recipe

an old recipe

We  have many more pieces not photographed yet and are still working on the project. We have memory boxes to make, another apron and a house dress, from some fabulous Ikea material, mason jars to fill and books to make.


About melaniethompsonsaltspring

A free spirit that loves working with natural materials to create beautiful art.
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3 Responses to ongoing

  1. lexacq says:

    These are so creative and charming, both hilarious and tender. Brilliant work. Can’t wait for more!

  2. lexacq says:

    I really love this work. You make a great creative team.


  3. Very witty, pleasing, playful work. Rosalind

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