Yeah, we did it!

unabashed bragging, so happy to get this email the other day.

Dear Melanie and Judith,

Thank you for your proposal for a showcase in 2017.

The jury were very taken with your plan, the inspiration behind it, and the many different aspects, and they would like to offer you a showcase for next summer.


I think it will be a fabulous show, visually stunning and with so many elements.

We are thinking that it would be the first showcase of the summer, which means it would open on June 9th and run into July.

I will be in touch in January to go over details  and to discuss the timeline.

Until then, keep working!

Feel free to ask any questions.

All the best

Richard steel (For the Artcraft showcase jury)


About melaniethompsonsaltspring

A free spirit that loves working with natural materials to create beautiful art.
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1 Response to Yeah, we did it!

  1. lexacq says:

    Yay!!! Congratulations, well-deserved. I’m so happy you’re in that prestigious show.

    Can’t wait to see more of it.


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