new show, new work

geology transformed

willow bark nesting basket

These pieces plus others will be at KiZmit galeria and cafe on Salt Spring for the month of October. I am showing with a photographer.

There is also the 20th anniversary show of the basketry guild in October.

basketry show 20 years in the making

My piece is in the middle of the top row.

totems, bark, net floats, and driftwood

As well I am working on these totems, for a land art proposal for Mahon Hall next summer. The floats will be painted in stripes. One of my previous land art pieces is on the back wall. It will also be in the KiZmit show.

spontaneous stitch

hand stitching with leaf stems from mountain ash and tea stained cloth

I went to two wonderful classes at Maiwa, spontaneous stitch with Christine Mauersberger and I am still working on these pieces. I also took, skins and skeletons with Mo Kelman, for 5 days, and that will inspire much more work.

chaotic weaving with deconstructed bamboo blinds

I have also started an instagram account @melaniethompson1.


About melaniethompsonsaltspring

A free spirit that loves working with natural materials to create beautiful art.
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2 Responses to new show, new work

  1. lexacq says:

    Beautiful photos of the work in the new show. I love the chaotic weaving – so cool. Also the stitching – it has so much charm. I love the way your work is getting looser, not quite the right work because it’s so highly skilled, but it takes chances and looks spontaneous, easy, like you just put it together perfectly in an idle minute, in the way really good ballet dancers look effortless.



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