a whole lot at once

It has been awhile and I have been working on a variety of different projects lately. Some are stitched pieces, some are sculptural pieces and some are painting/collage pieces. I do a daily sketch and a daily collage and then work on what I currently need to finish. Here is a sampling-

bone and bead mobile

stitched leaves, plant bits, series of boxes

copper wire looped fish trap

copper wire looped with sequins fish trap

pine needles twined with waxed linen and wool

collage using paint and print papers

collage using paint and print papers

daily sketch book drawing

new acrylic and watercolour painting, spring

new acrylic and water colour painting,summer

I also have been frequently posting on instagram https://www.instagram.com/melaniethompson1/?hl=en

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new show, new work

geology transformed

willow bark nesting basket

These pieces plus others will be at KiZmit galeria and cafe on Salt Spring for the month of October. I am showing with a photographer.

There is also the 20th anniversary show of the basketry guild in October.

basketry show 20 years in the making

My piece is in the middle of the top row.

totems, bark, net floats, and driftwood

As well I am working on these totems, for a land art proposal for Mahon Hall next summer. The floats will be painted in stripes. One of my previous land art pieces is on the back wall. It will also be in the KiZmit show.

spontaneous stitch

hand stitching with leaf stems from mountain ash and tea stained cloth

I went to two wonderful classes at Maiwa, spontaneous stitch with Christine Mauersberger and I am still working on these pieces. I also took, skins and skeletons with Mo Kelman, for 5 days, and that will inspire much more work.

chaotic weaving with deconstructed bamboo blinds

I have also started an instagram account @melaniethompson1.


bark residency continued

stones wrapped with cane

The wrapped rocks are with cane not bark. I am still working with my bark supply. Having finished with the cherry and birch bark I have been using my supply of willow bark. It is such a lovely material, smells nice, and is pliable and easy to form. Here are some photos

various willow bark vessels with birch and some kind of other bark

of bark revelations.

totems and talismen in birch and cherry

birch explorations

willow talismen

birch bark vase with curly willow

birch circles


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blog post of note

Janine Vangool who is the editor, publisher, and chief cook and bottlewasher of this fabulous magazine, uppercase, posted this in her blog-thank you Janine.




Just came out, excited to see all the work installed.

poster for upcoming installation

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some other completed works

These are some weavings I made for an upcoming basketry guild show. Also hanging is kelp, sweet grass, cordage, and raffia plus some lovely seed pods.

weaving with naturals, pine needles, cattails, prunings

While I have been working on the bark residency I have also finished some other works. The earth circles have proven to be popular and as usual I did not photograph the ones already sold, I never remember to do this before they are gone. One of seal bones and kelp was especially lovely but alas no picture of it.

small earth circle, fir bark, net floats, driftwood

maple, willow earth circle

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bark residency 2017

cherry bark explorations


I decided I would create material residencies in my studio this year. I have lots of different materials I have been waiting to use. Usually the material is used for a one off piece and I wanted time to explore, experiment, and work with the material for an extended period of time, this allows me to really see what the material behaves like, what it can do and become.

cherry bark explorations

The first material to use is bark. I have cherry, willow, and cedar bark to work with. I have just finished a month with the cherry bark. A few pieces will be sold but most are just explorations. It has been really gratifying to experiment with the material and to use it up.

talisman, cherry bark, willow, bone + kelp bobbles

cherry bark purse

cherry bark cylinders












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